Refund Policy

All sales of our Services are final. Our products are sold “as is”, and no refunds will be issued.

We are confident in the quality and integrity of the therapy series, “Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step”. It is the result of 25 years of working with and helping people effectively overcome social anxiety.

We realize that you must also be confident concerning your purchase of our Services. The first session of this therapy program has been made available to you, entirely free, for this purpose. Descriptions of each session are available for you pre-purchase on our website(s) and information pages, as well as at Your purchase of the therapy program confirms that you have reviewed these resources, including our Terms of Use and Refund Policy prior to purchasing, and that you agree to the Terms and the Refund Policy.

We offer two payment options for the program:

a) a 1-time payment

b) a monthly payment plan of 3 monthly payments.

Note that you will lose access to the therapy course immediately and automatically if you cancel a payment or if your payment method fails. By choosing the monthly payment plan, you are authorizing the Social Anxiety Institute to collect these 3 monthly payments, in full, without cancellation.

Please contact us at [email protected] with any further questions.